My photographic career has spanned an uninterrupted 30 years, moving from analogue film for print newspapers to fully digital for corporate communications clients, which is still the mainstay of my current work.

Takeagander started life as an Instagram account where, like most people, I shared pictures of my life, often including my home-baked bread. Yet for the most part and for quite some time I left it dormant.

Then I returned to analogue film for personal projects and @takeagander became a place to get a feel for whether a project was working, or not.

Now selections from my analogue (and still sometimes digital) personal projects and essays are available to purchase here as fine art prints. I'm currently working towards my first book.

The ethos behind my work is simple: to present a more thoughtful, considered and less garish view of the subjects I cover.

My motivation is to take pictures which give you, the viewer, something to see beyond the obvious. In doing so, I hope you will also ask questions and perhaps make up your own mind about what you are looking at. It amazes me how often someone will spot a narrative within a photo which I might not have considered.

Also, in a world of hyper-real digital images with high immediate impact but a short "shelf life" and in a culture of "click 'Like' and move on", my aim is to produce work which holds the viewer's attention.

Moving my work from computer screen to print puts it where people can scrutinise it in more detail, and that's both scary and exciting. It's how photography should be viewed.

By purchasing a takeagander print you are helping to support future projects. I make my living entirely through my photography, so I very much appreciate the support I receive from clients and customers.

Whether you buy for your personal collection or to display something beautiful, thoughtful, engaging or even disturbing on an office or home wall, by buying a takeagander original you are acquiring something different from the mainstream. And if you haven't bought a photographic print before, I hope you'll also discover the beauty of a photo presented on paper, rather than an electronic screen.

So take a gander at the galleries and pick up something unique today.

Thank you,


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